jacket RL, mink hat- Tarja Niskanen, scarf- LV, bag- Chanel, pants-zara, boots-Gabor

There is a reason they say that Paris is the city of romance. It is hard not to fall in love with this city and it’s layers of history, elaborate architecture and glamorous people. My friend and I travelled to Paris in November and stayed in the idyllic area of St. Germain in Hotel Odéon truly in the heart of Paris. The hotel had a delicious breakfast and sweet rustic-style rooms that I could gladly revisit. St. Germain remains on the left side of the bank and surrounds itself with elegant cafe’s and chic trend setters sipping on red wine and nibbling on French deliciousness. Here, you can never be dressed over top as the ambiance shadows a fusion of urban chic and high-end fashion.  Basically vision this: a calm and collected woman wearing a laid-back college sweater paired with the newest Balmain leather pants in 12 inch heals strutting through the narrow grovel paths…yes this is your glamorous local.  So natually, we enjoyed people watching to say the least. And truly was the food delicious, my friend and I literally ate foie gras and drank champagne on a daily basis and enjoyed the mouth-watering cuisine moments only Paris could offer. We enjoyed Parisian luxuries in both casual and upscale settings such as in restaurants Reed and Kong.  We strolled down Champs-Élysées exploring the amazing designer boutiques and actually managed not to slip in Dior, as we all know Carrie Bradshaw did. This city overflows with breathtaking parfumeries, bakeries and flower shops spreading its delicious scents to the characterized streets.  All I can say is that no wonder Audrey Hepburn said “Paris is always a good idea” because this city is a shimmer of magic, a place where dreams can come true.

cappuccino’s on a sunny terrace & our hotel room rooftop view



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