White always makes a statement.

Photo credit Home Adore

White is everywhere and is endless in its tones portraying a range of emotions depending on the viewpoint. It all begins and ends with white and I believe it is a versatile colour to create open sapce. I love combining its tones together from off-white to ballerina in classic and more contemporary forms. I decorate in minimalistic clean-cut designs playing with feminine and masculine elements to create a statement. I love concrete, wood and glass and when white is added to these textures, it continuously absorbs and radiates light. I suppose following the idea of less is more gives credit to all its surrounding because of the simple balance it creates, certainly in its purest form. White is known as the colour of silence and I guess that is why I feel at home in this calm soothing environment. By no means is white a simple solution, it demands upkeep and is a symbol of indulgence and drama to many hoteliers and retailers but I say, it is worth it as it creates a blissful sophistication and a timeless decor. Here are some inspirational photos I took from pinterest, to view more click on the right side on the amy’s pinterest button.

” much more than a colour, white is a state of mind” – Designer Barbara Berry

Photo Credit: Bubbelsoda
Photo Credit: Afflante
Photo Credit: NZ House & Garden
Photo Credit: Young & Battaglia

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