Ice Picnic


Bella running after the ball


Early Saturday was spent lounging around in bed and watching tv while drinking our must have tea and coffee. Bella was also spread across the bed and had no intention of waking up from between the warm sheets until we started cooking breakfast. Last night we made roasted duck in our stone oven that created the most amazing aromaΒ  throughout the house. We noticed the scent immediately when stepping out of the sauna (even though this is downstairs and the kitchen is upstairs) that made our stomachs rumble and increase appetite.

Today the weather has been warmer than yesterday and is only -6 degrees celsius outside so we decided to take a nice stroll and have a picnic on the ice. We walked to a small island in the middle of the lake around 2.5 kilometers away from our cottage and built a fire to keep us warm. We roasted sausages and took some sun spending a nice day on the magical flickering ice. Not a bad Saturday.









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