Industrial Inspiration

Photo Credit: Afflante

This charming industrial villa is located in Italy and was newly renovated preserving its original architectural details with additional modern twists  

What is it about industrial lofts?

because it has a story.

What a dream it would be to live in a large industrial loft, a blank canvas filled with potential that can divert in any direction! Thank you to struggling artists who may have actually invented these ‘loft concepts‘, as today they make beautiful homes with suburban comfortable features. Rugged tiling, exposed raw concrete ceilings and numerous large windows that capture natural light, basically  mixtures of masculine and feminine elements that possess bags of character. Scratching the surface of an industrial loft reveals it’s purpose and previous importance in society thus they all have a story to tell.  Therefore, design preserves much of the original industrial origins that creates life and unique features to each home. A combination of old and new and a house filled with history with contemporary lifts meshes together so harmonically like vanilla sauce on apple pie. I would create drama with material choices and use soft tones to counteract the cold industrial feel but let it remain a bit rough around the edges. An industrial loft is very easy and flexible in many ways that doesn’t need to be overdressed with layers of interior. I absolutely love exposed beams that are a darling and elegant feature within themselves. I believe it needs to be a perfect balance of “hard” vs. “soft” lofts where large open spaces have traditional respect to its origines that unite together with slick high-end finishes and furniture choices that create warmness and an inviting feeling.


Photo Credit: Home Designing
Photo Credit: BilVil Architecture
Photo Credit: BilVil
Photo Credit: inhabitat

This loft is an old printing press in downtown Barcelona

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