Maison Jars

Lemon mInt cucumber water
Photo Credit: Rikki Snyder Photography

The comfort of a Maison Jar.

A bit of a trend these days but I can see why, a maison jar is a great simple tip for dinner parties to spruce the decor. A rustic country feeling that meets contemporary ideas and flavours… I love the idea for both drinks and foods and just makes everything look for delicious. Ps. Perfect for garden parties and picnics! View more inspirational photos from my pinterest; Heavenly Tastes & Drink this

soy blueberry frapuccino
Photo credit: Tracygeeks
Bloog Orange Sangria
Photo credit: How sweet it is
Chocolate and Blueberry mousseIchigo Shortcake
Chocolate and Blueberry mousse
Photo Credit: Ichigo Shortcake
Non-bake coconut cream cheese cake
Photo credit: How sweet it is

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