Layering Jewelry: The Art of Mixing

Chanel Bag, statement necklace – zara, thin chains- Efva Attling, bracelet- Gucci & Hermes

Outfit of the Day

Layering jewelry makes a simple outfit stand out and I believe, this can easily dictate the direction of your style and let your personality shine through. The right accessories complete an outfit, where  the variety of mixing and matching makes it interesting, and this is fashion.  Wear the pieces you love, I often choose one statement necklace to be the focus and then add-on different lengths and materials. At the moment, I also love thin delicate chains as they are quite feminine and soft in style.

Of course individual pieces are classically beautiful alone, but sometimes adding bangles and beads of all sorts can give the look a modern touch. Thus, layering jewelry adds an instant style and can be done in versatile inexpensive ways. This outfit was for a good friends surprise birthday party that we started celebrating rather early, so I felt this adjusted well to both our day and evening festivities.

Stretch leather pants and a simple blue shirt with an open back. RL Heals and lots of accessories




This handbag is perfect for going out as it is small and hangs nicely so you can move around freely and use your hands

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