white on white

The colour of simplicity and elegance

White on white, there is just something about this “non-colour” palette I can not resist. It has an ability to infuse maximum light providing a brightness that is full of life and energy. When the decor is purely white, It calls attention to the details within giving them deserving appreciation. I also love white wooden floors that bring a certain warmth and character to an otherwise quite contemporary and sterile setting. The combination of soft and hard elements create a great home to live in. For example, a mixture of linear surfaces of glass and white lacquer (hard) complement rustic French country decor (soft).

With a white scheme, I believe that mixing various patterns and textures is the key to keep your house from looking bland, as this adds not only depth but a harmonious balance that is pleasant to the eye. Maintaining an all-white house has its challenges, but for sure worth the fuss as it can open up the smallest of spaces and keep the look airy and clean. Below are some inspirational photos that revolve around open space, light and a certain warmth despite of the neutral colour palette.


Photo credit: It’s my visual life


Photo credit: The seaside style


Photo credit: DustyLu


Photo credit: W-hite cream


Photo credit: Witte Schommelbank


Photo credit: Simply European

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