Summer Tip: Coral Pink Nails



Summer must have : coral pink nails

This nail polish is a mixture of pink, red and orange… very similar to a shade of coral pink.  This colour is a step towards summer where the playful sweet tone screams candy store delights. This polish is by essie (nr.12) and is called “cute as a button“.  I usually avoid colourful nails because I don’t think they suit me, especially anything with a reddish shade seems to be too harsh for my liking. I also feel colourful nails look better short and square with rounded corners.

However, this delicious colour seems to be the first one that looks good. This tone is still soft even though it has a sleek brightness that matches my skin tone and pops out just in the right way. I have a feeling the colour will look unbelievable with a tan and works as an accentuating factor. Bright colours are an accessory to your outfit and make a fun statement. Colours such as lavender and baby blue also seem to be popular this summer!

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