Casual Maxi

100% viscose- H&M

A comfortable way to look gorgeous where the sky is the limit!

A casual maxi is perfect for daily use and looking beautiful with minimum effort!  It is down to earth and literally is comfort in a nutshell, so drop those hemlines!  I paired this  free-flowing sea blue maxi with a belt to form a more feminine silhouette. No other accessories today, I’m keeping it simple and natural.. no makeup, just some sunblock and nude coloured lipstick… it took me 3 seconds to get dressed.

It is so soft and perfect for doing everyday chores, where a casual maxi is a quick and fashionable answer to a summer closet. This gives enough room to breathe and its divine colour offers high impact eye candy with no actual effort.  A casual maxi is also perfect for traveling in style and I would imagine, so easy to wear if you are expecting or running after your young children.


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