Hot Pink Summer Lips


Beauty tip: Dress your summer lips with a splash of colour. By Mac Viva Glam Nicki Satin (A32)

How to wear hot pink lips?

I have to be honest, I thought I was one of those girls who would never wear bright lipstick just because I like the natural look and thought it looked too artificial and tacky.  However, because of the increased popularity and constant appearances every where, my curiosity slowly increased and reached to its final limits. I desperately wanted to try the neon too and begun my perfect summer lipstick hunt!


After several trial and error’s of shade testing, hot pink was the way to go because red is not my tone and I love lighter pinkish shades… so hot pink seemed like a natural progression if I was going neon.

I tested several brands and my favourite one is this hot pink from Mac that has a bit of a pastel vibe to it. In the beginning, it took me a while to get used to it and I only wear it with certain outfits. But generally, I think this colour is a perky vivid shade and actually brightens the face.


I believe  when you dress your lips, dress down in other departments. I think neon lips look the best with luminous skin and minimal makeup, this looks modern and youthful. Fresh colours like white or electric blue are also a great combination where the pink becomes the focal point and a real pop factor.  I usually combine this with nude nails and keep my hair up as this looks more clean and chic. I would never use lip liner with neon colours as this adds unnecessary years to the face or dress too matchy matchy as this looks too youthful.


I have to admit that bright lipsticks are quite cool and a fun change to your lips. I feel this enhances tanned summer skin and brings out my blonde hair, freckles and golden glow. I don’t think I will use this in the winter when I’m pale, but for sure during summer’s.  Ps. I’ve noticed bright lips make the teeth look whiter as well… a delightful bonus!



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