Enchanting Urban Gypsy



What a day it has been.. so much to do before Wednesday morning when Mr. N and I leave on holiday, so today we have been like gypsies on the move completing the last of our chores. So, to suit this spirited theme, today’s outfit was influenced by the boho gypsy momentum.

An updated look with a touch of history… a 60’s deep-rooted hippie combined with modernism to create a chic unconventional look.. an  “enchanting urban gypsy“… she calls it.

A little bit of ruffle, free spirit and golden jewelry… the fashionable gypsy-nista is born. I love lacy Pocahontas style dresses that often are gold, khaki or cream and have a down-to-earth vibe to it. Braids, beautiful detailing, beads and textures are a large part of this trend, really anything that feels good and is easy to move it… this nomadic style is careless yet sexy. There is a vast amount of attitude and confidence with the right amount of ease and love.  Safari, retro and boho all meshed together with a modern updated twist is your urban gypsy. Mixing and layering the right amount of volume to get that perfect balance. There are no limits, that’s the best part about it!

I paired this simple lace dress that has beautiful detailing and a feminine cut with a delicate golden bracelet that attaches to a ring and a large egyptian style chunky necklace. I would pair this with a faux fur vest and loose suede ankle boots if it was colder. But today was extremely humid with thunder in the air, so this simple light lace dress was the perfect choice.


My new book about Paris when Im going to Italy!




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