I definitely didn’t forget my LWD!

Escaping with style. 

Buongiorno! This girl is leaving to Italy at 6am tomorrow, ouch that’s an early wake up! Everything is packed, the house is spotless and my travel outfit is hanging on the bedroom door knob. The refrigerator contains 2 glasses of freshly squeezed orange juice that we will be perfect in the morning. Two weeks of vacation, here we come! So, I won’t be blogging for that time (with the exceptions of a few facebook photos and status updates) as I will be fully soaking in all the loveliness it has to offer. I will provide a full report upon my arrival back to Finland.

Travel route: Rome- Vieste, Taranto, Ostuni, Sorrento, Positano, Capri, Rome. Basically a round trip from Puglia to the Amalfi Coast.  Hello delicious food & wine, sunshine and romance, bon voyage!


Ps. Ballet flats are a life saver on the plane


I actually love packing, because I love to organise! I begin my travel process by making a list of items to bring that I modify along the way. In the end I go through it like a check list to ensure I have everything. Organising is key.. keep it simple and know where everything is. The night before, I have everything laid out; passport, tickets etc. in their holders, wallet & essentials ready in my purse. The house is in perfect condition and all that needs to done in the morning is to prepare myself and close my suitcase. Beauty tip: Apply a large amount of face cream in the morning to keep your face hydrated. Also, the less makeup you have, the better this keeps your face looking fresh. On a long flight, take a small travel kit of beauty products that can be re-applied.

  • I always travel with a large pashmina that works as a blanket and woollen socks that keep my toes warm. I fly in layered and comfortable clothing, but still very chic.
  • I always have a book or magazines some form of entertainment.
  • I always have hand cream and lip balm and a bottle of water.


I lay out all my clothing on our living room lounger so I can visually see what I have and how items go together. Versatility is vital; I pack clothing that I can wear with each other and create new looks for different occasions. My colour scheme seems to revolve around soft white colours with a couple of nautical items and splashes of neons. During summer time, I always pack :

  • Good quality sunscreen
  • Face and Body scrub to preserve a clear complexion
  • Dry shampoo- a saver in many situations and great for styling!

I use a lot of cover bags so everything is grouped and stay clean. This works great for lingerie, bikinis, shoes and jewelry. Organising your jewelry is very important so they don’t end up in a tangled mess- the best thing to do is to use a bunch of small bags that keep them separated and organized.



scarf collection for day and night!

When packing, I lay the clothing as flat as possible to avoid wrinkles. I pack clothes on one side and accessories on the other. In case of a shampoo or lotion exploding under possible pressure, I seal products with mini-grips to avoid damage. My suitcase is quite tight and weights 17.5 kg still leaving some room for shopping until it reaches the max limit of 20 kg. I love my white Rimowa light weight suitcase that moves effortlessly and looks modern and totally my style.



Hello bold accessories, Italy will love you.


Well I’m off to bed now… just set my alarm and ready for a bit of beauty sleep before our early flight.

A fashion & interior lover who enjoys cooking and traveling. I have a nordic way of thinking, where I believe in the beauty of simplicity.

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