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We are back in sunny Finland where our holiday continues. Italy was a magical and eventful  holiday where we drove over 1000 km South from Rome to see the west coast and east coast and a bit of the countryside. Absolutely breathtaking views and mouth-watering tastes. Italy has a certain charm about it where the people are polite and nurturing. However, the driving is hectic, which we already knew, but the narrowness of some of the roads was a whole new story.. There were honestly a couple of moments where we thought we would get stuck between stone walls or a narrow pathway with our large car:) So it was always a true adventure finding our next destination.


Vieste old town, located in the province of Foggia is filled with cute white narrow pathways surrounded with a breathtaking light blue sea. There are stretches of beaches and is a typical destination where Italians go on summer holidays. Vieste old town struck to me, it has a charm to it, where the windows and doors are rustic but chic and the cobblestone pathways massage your feet as you stroll on them. It is small and cozy with cave like restaurants and friendly people.


cafe Grottino


time for a wine and cheese break

If you walk around the old town on the panoramic view pathway, you come across the cutest cafe/ wine bar (Grottino) that has old white wooden benches situated on the edge of the sea. That was a darling place to enjoy an evening espresso before dinner. No joke, Andrea Bocelli was playing in the background and the sun was setting beautifully…just like in the movies. It was a romantic spot indeed.

IMG_4721 IMG_4693

I usually lunched on some kind of fish or seafood..especially mussle soup… or zuppa di cozze as they call it and of course a rustic glass of dry white wine from the close by Puglia region. The menus were in Italian and they spoke little english which made it much more fun. We managed well enough because most of the words are similar to Spanish making it somewhat easier to understand.  The town had little tourists and seemed like a cute safe place to stay. If you go to Vieste, go try a restaurant called box 19 on Via Santa Maria di Merino 1– an absolute fantastic seafood treat… unfortunately we didn’t have a camera with us but the place was filled with lobster, clams, linguine all’astice etc in beautiful shell dishes and various fresh antipasto. It was filled with locals that were dining away on numerous heavenly dishes where this little crowded place was packed with action.



IMG_4826 IMG_4830


We sunbathed and read our books by the poolside and walked up and down the quite beach breathing in the mediterranean salty air sipping on rosé wine in the sun. The hotel owner was very kind and brought us complementary pastries while we were sunbathing. She was an adorable older lady that spoke only Italian to us.


Long wide beaches…



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