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finnish delights as an appetizer


This blue lace dress is a favourite of mine

Island Style Birthday

Hey sweets! This weekend I celebrated my birthday with the family. We arrived from Italy a week ago, so this day was unplanned, relaxed and just went with the flow. It started out with a delicious brunch and some relaxing time in the sun with Ms. P. The sun was so hot and perfect!

Freshly squeezed orange juice, strawberries, omelette, salmon cakes and bubbly. Thank you boys for that, I could easily get used to mornings like this =) I felt totally pampered and got wonderful gifts too… even though it’s not about the gifts, I was still overwhelmed with joy!

Later we had dinner at an island and drinks at Mattolaituri.  Dinner at Restaurant Saari (A&S Ravintolat) has become a bit of a birthday tradition and I love the coastal feeling it embarks. The day was surrounded with the sea, good food and lots of fun.

Peonies & Champagne, what else could a girl want?

IMG_5471 IMG_5535


Pop goes the champagne!





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