The white city: An architectural Jewel


La Città Bianca

Ostuni Old Town is situated in the Brindisi province, Puglia region.  It builds up of Mediterranean architecture of stunning whitewashed houses. Totally shabby chic with a sense of romance. It is very small, so we thought 3 nights was a perfect stay in this beautiful cultural town.

Breathtaking view.. this was right from our hotel



There truly is a historic presence upon you, where the city of Ostuni is an uphill maze. The area has been inhabited since stone age and after war, the Greek re-built the city where the Ostuni name derives from Astu néon, meaning new town. So, no wonder the town has a greek architectural presence to it. The  main attractions are the Cathedral and the Bishop’s Palace.


I thought this was a charming genuine city in Southern Italy where white meets white. The city builds up of staircases, alleys and arches all in numerous levels where the ancient walls secure this architectural jem. There is a touch of respect around every corner where there are obvious hints from the Middle Ages. The brightness of the white houses makes the city stand out against the green lush surroundings. There are cute flower pots, overflowing balconies and espresso drinking Italians around every corner.


outfit of the day: Linen dress Mango, Pollini scarf, Hermes bracelet, style snob ballerinas, rayban sunglasses

I admired the old grandma’s and grandpa’s that effortlessly walked up and down the steep and very slippery pathways that drove around in the old fiat 500’s on the most narrow roads. I also particularly loved the elegant street signs and blooming flowers that gave the town a cozy whimsical feeling. We also ate one of our best meals here that needs a blog entry of its own, so I will discuss that later!


Cathedral, Clams & Ricotta Pizza

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