Happy Midsummer


Hortensia wreath by my mom

IMG_0723 IMG_0741

Midsummer is a wonderful holiday here in Finland that builds up of flowers, lakes, sauna, delicious cooking, champagne, family & friends and lots of daylight.  A little bit of fishing and spending time on the lake enjoying the glittering water… very tranquil and beautiful. These pictures are from the last two previous years from our country house. Midsummer food contains lots of fish, fresh summer salads and dishes that are fun to make together! The best part is the preparation with a glass of wine and lots of people. I usually wear a dress with a delicate and feminine cut with a handmade wreath around the head.. totally country chic.

Happy midsummer everyone!


Handmade wreath, dress- gant, boots- local market

IMG_0156 IMG_0161






pea, feta and strawberry salad!

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