Passionate for Positano

morning tea & coffee at il ristorante capitano located on a beautiful cliff

 “Positano bites deep. It is a dream place that isn’t quite real when you are there and becomes beckoningly real after you are gone.” – John Steinbeck

I begin with this Steinbeck quote from a 1953 Harper’s Bazaar article, as Positano quickly became one of my favourite destinations from our Italy trip. The enchanting small resort town is very picturesque with scattered colourful houses and sapphire-blue water on a beautiful cliff. A mixture of old romance and modern luxuries of relaxation presented in a charming manner. The steep streets fill with boutiques and restaurants that lead down to a cove beach with a stunning clear bay. There are about a thousand steps up and down the hillside that seem to connect everything together while giving you an insane butt workout while enjoying the view!

The drive along the Amalfi coast was also breathtaking, despite the curving roads and crazy drivers, the scenic horizon and deep dramatic drops were like a dream. This great beach town was  dotted with lemon trees, linen shops, hand-made sandals and divine seafood restaurants! My blue maxi matched the deep colour of the Tyrrhenian Sea and all I wanted to do was to escape into the sparkling sensational Positano lifestyle.

quaint multicolored houses




Restaurant Tip : Chez Black, a seafood lover’s dream

Via del Brigantino  84017 Positano Salerno, Italia

As I raised a glass of light citrus liquid to my lips finishing off a perfect meal, I realized the positano lifestyle does truly bite deep providing a feeling of utter serenity. We shared a mixture of seafood, where the sea truffles were a fascinating new flavour; like oysters but less mild and moved around like nobody’s business.

It was like a dream of flavours, as I scrapped the buttery sauce of my finished lemon sole plate with a piece of rustic crispy bread. The restaurant is located on the beach on the bottom of the hillside that has a lively atmosphere and a view to the sea and the pebble beach. There is a hassle in the open kitchen, lobsters being taken out of the tank and stunning copper pans that hang above the chefs. We really enjoyed it here and would revisit any time!

Chef’s choice: sea urchin pasta that comes in a daring spike bowl

IMG_5353 IMG_5359





neon pink top & maxi- zara, scarf & bag- L, shoes- pretty ballerinas, H bracelet – Hermes

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