Ivory White Lace

Dress- Zara, Scarf- Lifestyle, Metallic Shoes- pretty Ballerina

A gentle softness through white lace in an idyllic white town.

This delicate ivory-white lace dress has great detailing and mixtures of textures and patterns. The vintage feeling it gives suits Vieste’s old town almost blending seamlessly with these breathtaking eggshell coloured stone walls. The old town has beautiful white pathways that narrow into a mystical maze of Italian culture. I felt like I wanted to dress a certain way to pay respect to its historic origins… this dress seemed like an easy choice for the day time.

The dress makes me feel feminine as the cut hugs in all the perfect places making it both cute and graceful at the same time. I love the stitched patterns as well as it makes an otherwise plain outfit look more eye-catching and interesting . I matched the lace with soft blue and gold jewelry.

IMG_5932 IMG_5938

The mixture of material on the walls, stairs and streets is stunning






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