Garden of the Sea- Coral Red Maxi


Coral has been refered to as the garden of the sea… and this is what this dress portrays. The movement and design the linen forms as you move reminds me of the untouched bright coral life that exists in deep waters. This Svea dress is airy and weights next to nothing, it really is gone with the wind! The layer of jewelry is a true sea of gold that overlaps with bangles, beads and necklaces of all shapes and styles. I particularly love the super low open back and the fresh beaming red colour. Again, this style seems to lean towards a nautical boho vibe where you just need to be bare feet tiptoeing on a sandy beach wearing a couple of toe rings.

Even though this coral-red is a bold choice of colour, the style and material of the maxi is so casual it balances the overall look and makes it easy to wear. In terms of jewelry, this vibrant colour needs something big on its side, as something small can easily get lost in translation. As for makeup, the total opposite of something big… I prefer no makeup (since I like my summer tan) and a dash of nude lipstick, that I can’t live without!

IMG_6037 IMG_6039




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