Gone for Evening Tea.

Top & Jeans- Zara, Hat- Lacoste, bracelets- Fendi & LV, Bag- Gucci, Loafers- Dior, Sunglasses- Rayban

During our evening walk with Bella we decided to stop for tea at Mattolaituri. The weather was beautiful in the morning when we played a round of golf, but as the day progressed so did the wind. Thus, I’m wearing a panama hat that keeps my hair in place,  a casual long-sleeved white top and fitted jeans. My outfit is very simple nothing more, nothing less. I love the round neck of the white stretch top. However I did accessorize with splashes of neon colour. I’m wearing my new Fendi bracelet that I bought from Capri and a hot pink Louis Vuitton that I received for my birthday. On my feet I have Dior loafers and a scarf from Lifestyle. I really like this clean look, I feel it is a mixture of an equestrian and tennis style. It is quite sporty and fresh, yet quite sophisticated and feminine because of the accessories.


IMG_6408 IMG_6426


Green tea with sweet honey

IMG_6416 IMG_6434



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