Gone Seaside: Archipelago Dinner in Classic Linen.

Dress- Gant, Shoes- Dior, Bracelets- Fendi & LV, Hat- Monki, Sunglasses- Rayban

Gone for Sunday dinner in a simple classic dress in a blissful Nordic setting.

Just outside the centre of Helsinki exists a place of serenity, an essence of that Nordic feeling that always warms my heart. This island has an authentic maritime atmosphere where the mind and soul is in full relaxation and becomes united with nature. While eating delicious Scandinavian fresh flavours in an archipelago setting the evening sky illuminates softly flickering beautiful rays on the seafront. I close my eyes and breath in the crisp salty sea water as the summer breeze blows gently on my face and listening to the seagulls screech above me.. this creates that blissful summer evening that I call perfect. It always surprises me how beautiful the coast is, the sea that really is a magical element.

Sunday dinner was spent on this beautiful Sirpalesaari-island at Saari restaurant where we watched the sailboats drift by and tasted delicious seasonal Finnish delicacies. This little hidden gem brings a smile to my face, where the food and presentation is to my liking and style. Currently, it is crayfish season in Finland and we were surrounded with people dressed in lots of white with hints of red.  Families came for dinner from their sailboats and everyone was smiling and laughing on this warm summer evening.

I decided to wear a classic baby powder white linen dress that has a dark blue lining. I love it’s clean timeless cut and the nautical Scandinavian vibe it reflects. Perfect for the seaside. The linen is nice and light and its crisp bright colour is always fresh for summer time. I paired this with a camel coloured fedora hat and pointy flats. I thought blue and white with a touch of elegance was the only way to go on Sunday in such a breathtaking pure setting. I wore my neon raybans that matched my sting ray Fendi wrist band and a bright LV bracelet that matched my coral nails.

Restaurant Tip: Restaurant Saari is located on the island Sirpalesaari just outside the centre of Helsinki. 

A fish assortment starter, Salmon sashimi with rye crumbs, forest mushroom salad and lax
You can only smile when you are at sea… that calm state of mind it gives


A tiny bite with a glass of champagne, tar sour cream rye cracker with fish roe



I enjoyed the catch of the day, white fish in a white wine reduction with a new potato cake stuffed with chanterelle mushrooms.



Strawberries and vanilla ice cream and a local cheese plate with a caramelized tomato jam




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