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Good Morning Sweets, it is Saturday Morning!

I’ve had a good nights sleep and now I’m wide awake as the morning sun rises into the summer sky. It shines directly through our bedroom window and works as my natural alarm clock! I love early mornings and the quiet time I have as I tip-top around the house and whisper on the phone. I’ve had a long shower, gave myself a body and face scrub and a hair treatment. Put way too much Moroccan oil into my ends but I guess that’s not a bad thing. Feeling so renewed after all this, I decided to continue with pure fresh colours. Once again, white on white. These soft porcelain tones are what perfect mornings are made out of.  Time to head to the kitchen and boil some water for that needed cup of earl gray. Mr. N is still sleeping so this girl will enjoy some me time before the city awakes.

xo Have a pleasant Saturday everyone!


As you can tell, our bedroom builds up from crisp clean white tones as well… yes I admit, I am obsessed with 50 shades of nothing!


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