Fedora For Fall



Camel brown 100% wool hat by Monki

Not only am I obsessed with all kinds of hats; beanies, wide brims, panamas and of course the distinctive fedora. I find a hat extremely comforting, it has a touch of mystery and perhaps I hide behind it and use it like a comfort blanket. Who knows, I still love them!  I feel fedora’s add flavour to your look and can change an outfit in so many ways.  Felt fedora’s make a comeback every fall, especially when the equestrian and hunting style comes into season.  Btw, I love both styles! Fedora’s are so functional throughout the winter season where they keep you warm and dry if it rains or snows and saves you from bad hair days. These are functional and make a stylish accessory, a definite must for the fall. So, when you see the leaves changing colour and dropping to the ground, time to invest in that useful fedora.

  IMG_0136 IMG_0152


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