Shorts & Top- Zara, Pearls- Snö of Sweden & Elfa Atling, Flats- Dior, Ring- Nougat, Purse- LV


Feminine Materials

layered in pearls, sequin and lace.. as I sip on a glass of champagne and listen to smooth jazz in the distance I feel as if I am Daisy Buchanan of today.

This inspiration cocoons from The Great Gatsby from the glamorous 1920’s era. Although I’m not wearing vintage archive designs of Prada or Miu Miu nor lavish jewels from Tiffany & Co (I wish!), this outfit has a similar influence to it that is twisted to my style. I found this outfit to be perfect for a night out, it’s fresh and youthful but still has that retro chic flare to it. The layers of white tones add a refined calmness and feminine softness. I gave it a couple of Scandinavian touches by adding nude lipstick and a dutch crown braid.

That modern twist. I’m wearing shorts instead of a flapper dress, where the Gatsby shows on the coated layer of pearls and lace. I call these my chandelier shorts as they are heavy and decadent reflecting light through the varying material. The top is a simple sequin, minimalistic and classic that balances the detailed bottom. A simple silhouette is often the best. feel this outfit is reinvented to make it adaptable to a today’s womans needs. I call this the modern  Gatsby affair. Of course I could have added more metallic, paillettes or shimmering silk to give it something extra, but I was going for a subtle look suitable for a evening in town.

Gatsby Accessories. I could have worn hatpins, beaded headbands and cloche hats to match the 20’s era but instead I framed my head with a braid. Very Nordic.  I also substituted the mary jane pumps for sophisticated pointy flats that I can easily move around in.  In terms of jewelry, I’m wearing several strands of layered pearls to give it that Audrey Hepburn/ Chanel feeling and a simple pearl-coloured purse.






A fashion & interior lover who enjoys cooking and traveling. I have a nordic way of thinking, where I believe in the beauty of simplicity.

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