Girls Night Out: Neon Maxi & AntiPasti


Saturday Evening.

A girls night out with a darling friend of mine. Thank you C. for a great evening! This fabulous chica is a vegetarian so I decided to make a simple antipasti filled with fruit, vegetable and salad and a mushroom gratin that I freshly picked from the forest the day before. Nice and light and a fun social dish that creates a nice atmosphere all around and can be nibbled on through out the night. The evening was filled with interesting conversation, lots of laughter and bubbly. We continued the night with lots of dancing where my little Chanel swung to the rhythm of the music. Our feet were aching at the end of the night and it was bliss to fall into bed when I got home.

I wore my neon pink maxi dress that I wore the last time in Capri. As I pulled it out of my closet it brought back all the memories in Italy.. ahh *wanna go back*.  Ms. C had a gorgeous Michael Kors leather dress, lots of rings with a simple white silk shirt. The dress had pockets which made it super relaxed and cool.

Neon Blue



  • Grilled Eggplants (instructions from here)
  • Figs
  • Pomegranate seeds & juice
  • Chili
  • Assortment of Salad Leaves
  • Peach
  • Black Pepper/ FInger Salt
  • Lime Juice

Serve with rustic country bread and olive oil with a dash of thick balsamic vinegar.




Braclet- Hermes, necklace gift from C- Edblad, earings- Rubens


Drink this

A great sparkling wine from Luxembourg: Bernard- Massard Depuis-1921 Cuvée De L`Ecussion Brut. It is fresh and dry and is composed of Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay, Riesling and Pinot Noir wines and is aged for up to two years in a bottle. It is inexpensive and worked nicely with light sweet flavours giving that crisp acidic after taste.


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