A bite of Provence.


On my balcony surrounded with herbs with Provence on my mind.

Once again I am enjoying the morning sun on my balcony. The house is freshly organized smelling of clean linens and body lotion where now I’m lounging on a comfortable riviéra maison feeling good dreaming away.  I’ve made myself a special breakfast with freshly squeezed orange juice and decided to have a slow relaxing morning al fresco style. I enjoy this time to myself. A small thing in life that makes me happy. I flicked through some pages of an interior book about Provence lifestyle and at times closed my eyes taking a bite out of my baguette pretending to be in a small village surrounded with lavender and picturesque views. I almost feel as if I am there as the sun is so warm and the beautiful aroma from my herbs lingers in the air.

I’ve made myself a fig, avocado, feta and salad baguette and a cup of organic earl gray.


The basil on my balcony has turned a pale green because of the sun. One of my favourite things to do in the morning is to close my eyes and dig my face into fresh herbs inhaling their aroma. Herbs are just one of those things I cannot live with out.


How gorgeous would it be to have a place like this? I love the white umbrellas and touches of zinc… and look at those lavender bushes! Can you imagine the scent from them?




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