Rosemary Hand Bath & Homemade Scrub



Hello Everyone,

This weekend was one of the best yet, Mr. N and I celebrated a very special wedding on Saturday. The bride was stunning and the evening was filled with love and new beginnings. Who doesn’t love weddings?! The evening was beautiful and intimate and we had so much fun. On saturday morning I decided to start the special day with a relaxing rosemary hand bath. Prior to this, I had been drinking lots and lots of water and gone to sleep early to look as fresh as possible for the wedding.


A day of pampering… It is always nice to pamper yourself and this one requires little effort. I did this in my bathroom surrounded with a candle and a cold glass of water with lemon and loganberries.

You need a bowel of hot water and lots of rosemary branches. Why rosemary? because it increases blood circulation, so this would work perfectly as a foot bath aswell.  Soak your hands in this hot water for about 5-10 minutes so they become nice and soft. Then scrub with the rosemary branches and a homemade scrub until the grains soften. Give your hands a massage and soak them back into the water.

Homemade Scrub Ingredients

  • Honey
  • Brown Sugar
  • Olive Oil
  • Cinnamon (optional) for that lovely aroma



This leaves your hands nice and soft and such a simple treatment gives you a special feeling.I should definitely start doing this more often.

Then for those simple elegant nails. I used a rather neutral nail polish: O.P.I nail lacquer called “Don’t burst my bubble” and an Essie high shine top coat called “Let it Shine”. In the end, I coated my hands with a generous amount of handcream.



all ready for a day of celebration.

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