Dressed for a wedding… A decided upon a simple silk dress that is the epitome of femininity. It overflows with beautiful delicate details and its pale colour combination brings a touch of gentleness and purity, perfect for a wedding celebration. The dress is by Fred Sun Paris and is a 100% silk.

and as for accessories... I used minimalistic jewelry, a necklace, ring and earings made from white gold. In terms of hairdo, I decided to go for a romantic wavy goddess-style bun. My purse has a gold detail in the front so I incorporated a golden headband into the mix. I basically rolled my hair around the band and curled it into a loose bun in the back.  Nothing too stiff to suit the angelic look I was going for. I finalized my outfit with a pair of 10 inch Christian Louboutins that really elongated my entire frame and gave me that womanly confidence a pair of heals should do!


Christian Louboutin Tirana 100 Kid Black heals.  They mold nicely with the shape of my feet and the strap secures them in from the hight. IMG_0394

makeup tip: Apply mascara only on the upper eye lashes and smear white eyeshadow on the bottom lid. This gives a fresh uplifting look to the eyes.




IMG_0390 IMG_0392

A fashion & interior lover who enjoys cooking and traveling. I have a nordic way of thinking, where I believe in the beauty of simplicity.

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