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When preparing for a dinner party, I believe setting the table is just as important as the food itself. I like to keep to the look fresh and clean rather minimalistic. Flowers are usually a must, at least a couple of candles.  I usually use a mixture of white & gray tones, glass, concrete and natural wood. The combination of white and glass creates an illusion of open space and reflects light beautifully from the surrounding surfaces. I also like the contrast between matte and shiny textures. This table setting is from last weekend when we had a small dinner party for six. Our menu included pumpkin soup with crispy bacon and parmesan, roasted quail and coconut lime cake.



Champagne and a little something to nibble on before dinner

Canapé Ingredients

  • Fois Gras
  • Mixture of leaves and herbs
  • Ground Black Pepper
  • Fig
  • Sour Cream

For the Bread: Cut a small ciabatta in thin slices and fry in olive oil. Add finger salt. Let them cool on kitchen towel to become crispy and to remove excess fat.

Drink this: Laurent-Perrier Brut. It’s refined crispy and acidic flavour is a refreshing taste. It works great with a mouthful of fois gras.



Roses look modern and beautiful in clear glass vases especially when you clean the stems by removing most of the leaves.

A tip for roses: Too keep them fresh for as long as possible, change the cold water every 3 days and add some nutrionion into them. Score the stem of each rose and peal the dry outer petals away so they look fresher.



pearl white large napkins. Large thick napkins are much more beautiful than avarege thin size ones as they look more crisp.

A fashion & interior lover who enjoys cooking and traveling. I have a nordic way of thinking, where I believe in the beauty of simplicity.

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