Taupe Woolen Scarf & a Tuxedo Blazer

Scarf, Bracelet, Bag/ LV, Polo/RL, Jeans,Blazer/Zara

Hey Everyone!

Sorry for the delay on posting, I’ve just been so busy all throughout December with an interior project at home that I will be talking about soon! Meanwhile Mr. N and I have been in and out of town and we are finally back to living a stable more routine life!

Here’s an outfit from yesterday when we were running errands around town. Simple jeans, a black polo and my favourite tuxedo blazer with zippers and a longer back. I’ve made large curls to give it volume and that wavy gone with tthe wind look. A warm woolen scarf is wrapped around me that I got for Christmas from my man. I love the elegant taupe colour, not only in fashion but for home decor aswell.

/ Päivän asu kostuu smokki bleiseristä, suurista kiharoista ja villaisesta monogrammi kaulahuivista. Helppo ja tyylikäs asu… musta väri toimii aina!


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