Comfort & Style


Casual outdoors with a bit of contrast

Now that the weather has dropped to negative degrees, it’s extremely cold outside so at this point practicality comes first. Down jackets have slowly been spreading in street fashion and worked their way into high fashion runways. It mixes comfort and style , where its extraordinary ease and lightness makes it relevant and in demand during cold weathers. Perfect for chilly days! This metallic deep blue colour is so refreshing and matches the nautical silk scarf. Today I’ve gone for a bit of a sporty vibe but the leather pants make the look a bit more edgy and fun. I love the mixture of total contrast with the candy-like pastel shirt vs. tight leather pants.

/ Kevyt ja käytännöllinen untuvatakki ja nahkahousut

Bag/LV, Jacket (give away)/ Seventy, Shirt & Scarf/RL, Pants/H&M, Beanie/ Accessories



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