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Morning lovely readers,

How is everyone doing today? I’m happy it’s the weekend, I’ve cleaned the house, it smells of fresh tulips and I’m going out for dinner in the evening. My Friday look is full of variety and contrast. The look of the day is a collaborated mixture of soft and hard elements that are on total different sides of the style spectrum. With studs on the hem, these rockerish leather shorts have an edgy hardness to them with a sharp tailored finish. Not my typical style, but my curiosity got the best of me and I’m glad it did… I actually really like them! Mean while the blouse is as opposite as it gets. Feminine, gentle and carries a large degree of softness. Now this spot on my style! It has a slight open back and an elegant neckline giving it that angelic classic look. It has a bit of a metallic shimmer to it. So I’ve paired these two together? I for one like this outfit and believe a little balance goes a long way creating something unique and new.  For example, mixing ruffles, like tutus with leather is something I’ve been drooling over in fashion magazines.  The girly frills are countered with sleek dark touches to give it that unconventional “playing with the rules” look. But do not over do it, it may look sloppy or too formulated. but the right amount of soft and hard is a perfect merger.

Afva Attling & Dana Levy

I used to have Dana Levy earrings with the protective hamsa hand symbol on them that you know is a bit of an obsession of mine.. I became allergic to the earings so I had a jeweler attach the hamsa to my long planet necklace from Efva Attling. The result is great and couldn’t be happier with it! I have one more symbol left and will be attaching that to a bracelet eventually as well.  I’m also wearing this Alcozer & J coin bracelet that I bought from a cute handmade jewelry store in Rome. They have unique statement-like pieces that are total attention catchers and over the top. The address to the store is Via delle Carrozze, 48-00187 Rome, if you are ever in the neighbourhood! I fell in love with this chunky number immediately.

/ Perjantai asu on täynnä kontrastia. Tämä rokki henkiset nahkasortsit yhdistettynä hellään ja naiselliseen silkki toppiin luo sopivan balanssin kovien ja pehmeiden elementtien kesken. Ihanaa viikonloppua lukijat!





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