The Modern Black & White Chanel


31 Rue Cambon Paris

Casual Friday. Matching black and white is a timeless creation that rotates back and forth in the fashion world. It is a classic combination and something that never falls out of style.  As you can probably tell already, I have a new fashionista favourite on my shoulder, that is a graceful classic representation of the original Chanel style.  I was also thinking about the boybag that has become a major sensation since last year, however the look is a bit too masculine and almost too cool for my style. My eyes were immediately drawn to this lambskin flap bag and I knew it had to come home with me. The black and white colouring falls back to the 1980s graphic trend but the clean-cut lining gives it a sleek and modern upgrade.  In comparison to the harsh straps of the boybag, this has a more delicate feel to it with its thin goldish double straps that is interlaced with soft white leather. The overall appearance however has a structured masculinity to it because of the massive colour contrast but still a feminine chicness that I simply love. It is very pleasing to the eye and blends into the surrounding effortlessly. I see a youthful modern gal caring this number perhaps with a beanie, some aviators, a takeaway coffee and fun colourful nike’s who is constantly on the go.

My ootd is also a blend of black and white and since the weather is still beautiful I have my leather jacket back in use. I’m wearing skinny jeans and a simple white silk shirt and a pair of boho ankle boots with fun tassels hanging on the sides. I think this outfit is transformed into a modern urban look with the bag and the fun rings.

/ Uusi musta & valkoinen kaveri olalla. 

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