Casual Chic in Fur, leather & Nike Trainers

Fur/ Milestone, Trainers/Nike, Pants/H&M, Jacket/Sisley, Bag/Gucci, Beanie/RL, Sunglasses/Rayban, Bracelet/LV, Rings/Chanel, Necklace/Dana Levy

Let’s Nike it up! Street wear is sneaking its way into high fashion. 

This clever phenomenon and sudden eruption in street style shows an effortless mixture of style and comfort. They say much credit goes to designer Phoebe Philo, who bowed at the end of a Céline show in her casual trainers. That was the beginning of a fashion sensation that I am very grateful for, as I love my flats. For sure this look is not my daily style, but there is a real comfort in being able to walk around the city for hours without messing your lovely pedi and being in full comfort…at all times. I have a feeling, these can be an addictive type?! Shall I be worried my 10-inch heals will be hibernating in the back of my closet from now on!  Also these trainers (especially the fun neons) are cool, not too try-hard, affordable and have a certain swagger about them. For the summer, I’m thinking I would either like a deep coral, peach or electric blue colour. Today we see this humble tennis shoe hitting the runway paired with couture outfits in shows such as Chanel, Missoni and Givenchy. This just shows that fashion pushes its boundaries and plays with it’s limits. Quite frankly it is rather fabulous to see an “everyday” trainer that we all can relate to and afford together with a highly expensive Chanel gown that we can only dream of having!

I paired my nike’s with leather pants and a rabbit fur vest to make the look my own. I feel the loose beanie and neon raybans downsize the otherwise rather “fancy” outfit into a relaxed “sporty chic” revelation. This outfit worked perfectly for a casual day out with my man.

/ Mukavuutta & tyyliä on päivän teema. Asuni koostuu lenkkareista, nahkahousuista ja jäniksen karvaliivistä. Muuten suhkoot tyylikäs ja “juhlava” asu, nike:it ja myssy tekee asusta sporttisen rennon ja sopivan arkisen uudella tavalla. Näissä lenkkareissa on mukava kävellä monta tuntia! Ihanaa Lauantaita!




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