White Linen & Ripped Jeans with pointy Diors

Jeans& Shirt/ Zara, Bag/Chanel, Bracelet/Fendi, Flats/ Dior, Sunglasses/Rayban, Jacket/Seventy

Today’s outfit is an image of nordic street style; fresh white linen, pointy flats and light jeans.

We all love a good a pair of jeans and with ripped ones it is all about the balance you create! Accessories right to keep the look fresh and elegant. These are a new favourite of mine, the multiple rips makes it seem like there is a lot going on, so I kept the top as simple as possible not to overwhelm the look.  And what’s more simple than a white linen top with Scandinavian style  detailing? These jeans will carry me from season to season as they look great with a pair of high heals, loose ankle boots and edgy flats, like these Dior’s that have a fun dogtag hanging from the side. Oh and don’t forget the large felt hat in the fall! I used to think ripped jeans look too “messy” for my style, but with the right accessories and top, the look is fashion forward and a catalyst for endless stylish combinations. I thought my little electric Chanel would inject a little life to this otherwise quite casual look.

/ Revityt farkut & valkoista pellavaa


rippedjeans rippedjeans2



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