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Hey there!

I look down at myself and I’m covered in mini anchors and I think to myself, (what a wonderful world.. sorry had to put it in here..) is this look just too darn cliché? Well the previous sentence was pretty darn cliché, I must even admit myself! Everyone knows I love a good nautical theme throughout the summer season but common this shirt is covered in a hundred anchors.. It didn’t really help either when Mr N said it looked like a pajama! Is it just too cheesy and expected?!

I think not. It took me a while to reassure myself on this one, but after trying it on in different outfits, I came to an easy conclusion. Because the prints are so small, I think it works well as the image blends into the mix, especially looked from afar. It may be too cheesy if the rest of my outfit was ‘sailory’ as well, but mixed with a simple maxi or ripped jeans, it looks fab! The front of the blouse is naturally much shorter than the back so I highlighted this feature even more by tieing a small bow in front. This little trick looks great with something high waisted bringing out the figure as both my maxi and blouse are quite loose.  I’m mixing different shades of blue and I feel it is so refreshing during the summer. Mr. N and I stopped by a black agnus farm to pick up some organic produce before heading to the countryside.. ouch! Sounds horrible when you put it like that! Have a great Friday everyone xo

/ Ankkuri paita ja agnus farmi

agnus farm6

agnus farm7

agnus farm1

agnus farm4

agnus farm8

agnus farm9

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