All about Lace.

lace shorts

Gone to the park for an ice-cold mango smoothie. I love this look; vintage style lace with a hint of romance is what great summer outfits are made out of. I’m obsessed with the eponymous style of the 1920s that reflects of the detailed embrodary giving my look a hint of Gatsby. I already see this look roaming around the little streets of Italy and sipping on rosé in some cute historic town. It is simple, easy to wear and needs little accessories to make it perfect. The details are delicate, feminine and fresh where the contrasting marine boyfriend blazer adds a bit of masculinity to the overall appearance.

/ Kesäinen gatsby-tyylinen pitsi asu

lace shorts1

lace shorts2

lace shorts6 lace shorts7

lace shorts8lace shorts9

lace shorts10lace shorts11

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