Hints of Blush


A little piece of our midsummer. I wake up on the second floor of the cottage into the fresh morning breeze that gently blows the light white curtains of our room. Our view is a still lake and I breath in the clean countryside air. My brother (a.k.a M) and my future sister-in-law ( a.k.a P) are downstairs cooking breakfast and as I step down the creaking staircase I catch a linger of their morning coffee. Mr. N is still sound a sleep and Bella greets me at the bottom of the stairs. P. is blending fresh peaches for our morning bellini and M. is doing the final touches for breakfast. The peonies are in full bloom and as we all gather to sit down, the cork of the champagne goes “pop”. This is what you can call pure country bliss! A moment that is captured forever in my memory.  It is so calm here, your mind, body and soul is at rest. After breakfast, the four of us go boating and fishing for perch that we smoked for our midsummer brunch. After a couple of hours of fishing, we go to the sauna, a quick swim and head on to their garden to make a fish/ seafood brunch…A beautiful day and evening! Cherish those little moments in life with your family and friends as they are the best!

My ootd continues with the same simple black maxi and a ralph lauran cotton shirt that feels so soft and perfect for the countryside. The look shadows a preppish country look, all I need is some white hunters and a basket full of home picked veg. to make it complete!

/ Pieni ripaus Juhannusta




A fashion & interior lover who enjoys cooking and traveling. I have a nordic way of thinking, where I believe in the beauty of simplicity.

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