Good Morning my lovely readers and welcome to my scandihome!

It’s Sunday morning and I’ve just had a wonderful long shower, did a facial and massaged my body in organic almond oil. I painted my nails a nice pale pink colour and drank my morning cleansing juice made out of lemons and ginger. Now I’m sitting at my desk watching the raindrops outside and sipping on a nice hot cup of white tea. The birds are chirping outside, Bella is laying on the rug and Mr. N is still sleeping bed. Did I mention it is 8 am? The living room is full of light reflecting of all the white surfaces. I haven’t taken any interior photos in a long time so I thought I’d snap some living room pictures from this morning. The room smells of sweet lily’s that I got from my man adding extra happiness to the household. As most of you already know, I love quite a minimalistic style with a palette of fresh natural tones, shades of white mixed with natural wood and french country. I love a combination of old and new. For instance I love our gray farm bench that goes way back in time combined with our modern clean-cut lounger placed next to it.  I love our home… here I feel relaxed, safe and is a place of tranquility for me. We live on the top floor of the building overlooking rooftops of beautiful old houses. The air is clean and spectacular after a rainy night like yesterday.

/ Tuoreet liljat ja Sunnuntaiaamun olohuone


Setting the mood

My sofa set is Danish and the coffee table is Italian design. The long bench is made by Mr. N and myself along with the side table in the corner where the lamp sits. The wooden tree trunk has sentimental value and it gives the house some character. If your interested in making one, find instructions from here. You really appreciate it more as you’ve put the effort in making it. I’ve also painted the picture of the man and woman kissing above the sofa. It’s made from graphite and plaster and has an abstract feeling to it.

Black and White.  I usually add crisp linear contrasts with accents of black giving the room harmonic focal points. It gives the interior a sharpness and cleanness from an otherwise soft pale palette. I also love linen as a material and the soft texture it creates adding a bit of warmth to the overall appearance.

Gotta go get myself another cup of tea and enjoy this free sunday! xx



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