Nordic kitchen.


Scandinavian Sensibility.

Since I shared some living room photos in my previous post, I thought I would introduce the heart of our home… the kitchen. We love to spend time here, cooking comes very close to my heart.  If i would describe our kitchen in a couple of words, I would use ones such as, clean-cut design, simple use of space and peaceful. Light is probably the single most important factor in a nordic home thus this is maximised by minimalistic white surfaces and glass. The open space is a mixture of soft and hard, contrast and material density. I always have lot’s of orchids in the kitchen and candles burning whether it is day or night, summer or winter. Oh and if you’re wondering why you can’t see any herbs, it’s because they are all on the balcony. Ps. I love the view overlooking the rooftops and green trees.

/ Keittiö… eli kodin sydän. Paljon valoa, kontrastia ja yksinkertaisia ratkaisuja.







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