Effortless chic in the Garden

garden 2

The oregano has spread in the garden like the common cold, working greatly to my advantage! The smell of fresh herbs surrounds me as I fill my basket with a delightful mixture of herbs. The sun is shining and I feel happy it’s sunday, the most relaxing day of the week. Fresh herbs= happiness

Simplicity is the key note to elegance. A day well spent in the garden in a loose off-gray linen tee, a felt hat and my favourite “gypsy” ankle boots with studs in front. The only accessory of the day is an electric blue Hermes bracelet and a golden ring adding a little splash of colour to my look. An ‘effortless chic’ style will never do you wrong. You don’t need to over do it, especially on a sunday. xo Have a wonderful evening lovely readers!

/ Puutarhassa




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