Wednesday Peach & Plum Porridge

peach porridge

Good Morning lovely readers! It’s Wednesday and we are half way through the week! I thought I would share a wonderful energy boosting breakfast with you that really helps jump start the day! I slept quite badly last night, so this helps give a little boost… My porridge is a combination of different oats and I love that it’s cooked until a bit chunky.  I absolutely hate soggy porridge. I toasted some flaxseed and sunflower seeds on top and added ripe peaches and plums. I made some lemon water and sprinkled a bit of mint on my oatmeal in the end. I woke up early this morning so now I’m eating my porridge, flicking through an interior book and having a cup of clippers green tea before heading to work! Have a wonderful day everyone!

/ Keskiviikko puuro persikoilla ja luumuilla ja iso lasi sitruuna vettä

peach porridge2

peach porrdige1

peach porridge3



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