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Kale and lemons is what a great evening is made out of. As I slice this beautiful lemon, it’s strong zesty aroma lingers around the kitchen. These lemons were handpicked straight from Italy a couple of days ago and brought to me as a souvenir. Italian lemons are the best. I wish I had a huge garden of lemon trees, just like Yolanda Foster!

Kale. The queen of the greens happens to be my summer addiction. I love kale in smoothies, salads, as a side dish or simply just like that. I often sauté some with garlic in some butter. The flavours are simple and perfect. Add a bit of chili, lemon, soya and fish sauce for an Asian twist. Kale also makes a great cold soup for a hot summer evening. All you do is blend some kale, avocado, onion and thick greek yogurt and voilá a simple base for a gaspaccio. Kale is high in iron, vitamin k , A, C and calcium. It has a high antioxidant level and barely any calories in it. Kale is a natural detoxifier as it is filled with fiber and sulfur keeping your liver healthy and your body clean.

For this smoothie, I blended a banana, milk, celery, avocado, a pinch of salt, kale and lemon. I garnished the drink with some plum, cashew nuts and banana slices. This makes a wonderful breakfast or an evening snack.

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