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white silk

‘Saturday stroll in the park with Mr. N to fetch a nice cup of tea’

This summer, lace seems to have spilled into the world of fashion on a global scale and I love it! White lace has left the altar that has headed straight for the red carpet! It no longer has a virginal dainty meaning to it, but rather represents high fashion with endless edgy possibilities. With today’s fashion being so versatile and acceptable, lace is mixed and matched into a range of styles pushing those boundaries giving it a entire new look. I’ve had a long love affair with lace and I’ve noticed during the summer, my closet is basically filled with white tones, lace and silk in all forms possible. Some say it’s boring, but to me it’s irresistible and elegant with its simplicity. Even though white is so blank, it’s filled with personality in so many ways.

Yes! lace is a massive trend factor this summer, but it also creates an effortless stylish and natural look. From tops to shorts and everything in between woman clearly are drawn to feminine gentle pieces for a touch of romantic chicness. Today’s ootd is a gentle look with a basic off white silk shirt and ivory cream lace shorts. Every woman needs a simple silk shirt in their closet, right!?! I’ve mixed different shades of white creating that angelic and fresh style. I’ve added pink flirtatious lips to add a bit of colour to this sleek minimalistic ensemble.

Have a great Saturday everyone! xo

/ Pitsiä ja silkkiä

white silk4

white silk2

white silk5

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