Frullato Fresco

grapefruit smoothie2

Good Morning lovely readers,
This morning has been an early one and I love the fact that I have a long productive day ahead of me without any hurry.  As I roll around in bed, I wake up to the sun shining in my eyes and the sound of a crow cawing on the rooftop. Unable to sleep I wake up a bit after 6am and head for an early walk with Bella  to catch the crisp fresh air. A few people are jogging and walking  dogs while others are still up from last night partying on their boats! I breath in the early morning air deep into my lungs and feel hints of autumn approaching us. It’s the first time I’m wearing a jacket outside and it feels like summer is slowly coming to an end. The air feels different, more fresh and alive and soon it’s time to think about cozy candle light evenings at home. However, I haven’t fully adjusted to fall mode yet as in two weeks we are leaving to Italy!! Just googled it, it is about 35 degrees Celsius at our first destination, so my white lace dresses are still hanging in my closet waiting to be packed in my suitcase! Can’t wait!

To catch the last of the summer produce , I’m now sipping on my vitamin bomb smoothie that is made out of grape fruit, apricots, lime, lemon and quark. Frullato fresco indeed!  I’ve garnished the smoothie with banana slices and flex seeds for a bit of texture. What a wonderful way to start a Sunday, I love this day of the week. xo

/ Sunnuntai vitamiini smoothie

grapefruit smoothie1

grapefruit smoothie

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