Gooseberry & Black Currant Morning


Good Morning Lovely readers!

This lady woke up with a smile on her face… as I’m officially on a three week holiday and it feels good! We are leaving to Italy in four days for full on relaxation and after we come back from Puglia we are heading to the countryside. This morning began with a rye/oatmeal porridge with lots of fresh gooseberries and black currant. The berries taste like candy, so sweet and delicious! I’m trying to eat super healthy before our holiday so there I can enjoy all the divine cuisine Italy has to offer! Today I’m welcoming lots of vitamin C and antioxidants into my body! As most you already know, I’m a firm believer of “you are what you eat” and eating fresh healthy ingredients not only makes you feel internally good but it makes a difference to your body, energy levels and skin. Here’s a fun fact: 100 g of fresh currants provide more than 300% of daily recommended intake values of vitamin C. Have a sweet Saturday everyone! xx

/ Aamu puuro mustaviinimarjoilla ja karviaisilla. Tänään alkoi kolmenviikon loma ja lähdemme neljän päivän päästä Italiaan, jeeeee en malta odottaa!




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  1. Thank you! I’ve never actually store bought them myself either, these were handpicked from a bush! 🙂 But during the end of summer, local farmers markets sell them here…

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