The Secret Caves of Italy


Hey lovely readers,

We are back from our amazing holiday from the southern region of Italy (Puglia) that truly is a stunning place. We loved all the destinations we traveled to and ate the most amazing food on a daily basis. Our first destination was in the Basilicata region called Matera, an unbelievable UNESCO ancient cave city that is famous for its Sassi- stone buildings that are carved from caves. From a distance Matera looks like a “blur” or a large stone cliff, but once closer you discover the narrow alleys and roads and how the architecture meshes together like a detailed puzzle.  There is beauty in this city, where the history of poverty and hardship has shaped sassi to what it is today. Locals were still struggling in the 1950’s, famine, unhygienic conditions but slowly the city began to change. In 1993 when the area was declared a UNESCO destination, helped bring curious visitors from around the world increasing tourism and today there is a wonderful combination of old and new. There are amazing hotels and restaurants giving us a humble piece of history in a luxurious way.


top & shorts/ Zara, Bag/LV, Sandals/ Marenas, Sunglasses/Rayban, Bracelet/ Hermes

The weather in Matera was so warm, about 36 Celsius so I resorted to thin silk tops and loose dresses. I’m wearing my lace shorts and a sleeveless navy top and a simple blue H bracelet with a light LV purse.

Restaurant Tip: Il Terrazzino Sui Sassi (on the corner of Piazza Vittorio Veneto Square)

A terrace with a view. We stumbled upon this little gem by accident as it is hidden between the narrow houses. Once we reached the terrace, the restaurant was hovering with locals all talking on top of each other and having a great time- from this you know the place is good. The terrace overlooks the stunning sassi and our lunch was delicious. They spoke little english and I thought I had ordered cod fish, but to my surprise I got some grilled octopus and shrimps (grigliata mista) with a bit of lemon and parsley. It was delicious and a positive surprise!  Mr. N had a local meat and cheese tegamino that was sinfully good. A spoonful melts in your mouth as the rich sauce bursts with flavour. Yum!

matera food







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  1. Hi there,

    I stumbled across your site while looking through Blogs with Italy tags. You captured some gorgeous pictures of the country– and some rad ones of yourself. 🙂 I’m planning a trip there for the first time and couldn’t be more excited. Cheers!

    Jordan St. Genevieve

    • Hi! Italy is such a wonderful place, you will simply love it! If you are traveling to the Puglia (Apulia) region I have lots of tips! Thank you for your lovely comments!

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