A bit of Blush

Maxi/Zara, Blouse& Necklace/ Cheap Monday, Ballerinas/Pretty Ballerinas, Purse/LV, Bracelet/Hermes

Gone to dinner. The pale cobbled stone walls and pathways possess a surprising amount of nuance and life that merge together creating a peaceful elegant effect. Against the light gray tone are sprinkles of green plants that droop against the stone setting a magical pathway to walk through. We pass beautiful balconies that always seem to be in spectacular shape. They  usually have a splurge of flowers or a pot of basil and rosemary. We walk up a flight of stairs to reach our restaurant and as the evening begins to set, the town lights into a wonderland.

Subtle Blush. I thought this pale blush shirt suited the spirit of the sassi, it is effortless and simple and still very elegant. The blouse has an a-line cut where the sheer back is longer and the sleeves are quite loose. I’m wearing a vibrant maxi with it as I feel this town needs a longer skirt. There is tremendous history and a level of respect here and I feel it is only appropriate to dress accordingly. To finish my look, I added a large ” Celine style” silver chain that matches my metallic ballerinas… and off to dinner we go xx

/ Puuterinväristä paitaa ja kauniita harmaan sävyjä Sassin sydänmessä




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