Bracelet/ Fendi & Hermes, Sandals/Marenas, Dress/ Zara, Clutch/LV, Sunglasses/Rayban

Evening sun. The salty sea air dances in the air and the touch of the evening sun warms my skin, I stare at the sailboat silhouettes in the horizon and just feel blessed to be here. We sit on the edge of the large rocks with our feet dangling in the water and observe the locals around us. Cute little turquoise boats take off from the harbour and the glimmering sea sparkles softly. The water is so clear, we see the fish swim past us that many are fishing for with their rods. We sit and talk about life enjoying the beauty of Otranto before heading out for an apéritif. My outfit is as simple as can be, I’ve pulled my peach maxi skirt up from my waist and volá, it’s an entire new look! jewelry wise, I’m wearing a peach and coral coloured fendi bracelet and a mint coloured Hermes as it works well with my tan along with a small easy going clutch. All I want to do is wear long dresses that blow in the wind that capture the salty breeze. It makes me feel femininely flirtatious.

/ Persikan värinen maxi mekko ja Otranton kirkkaat vedet


orangemaxi2 orangemaxi3 IMG_3290

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