Under a Pomegranate Tree


Lecce, Italy – A moment of tranquility

Our hotel in Lecce had the most charming little pomegranate tree in our garden. It was surrounded with rosemary and thyme and made the most beautiful large fruit. It’s a shame they weren’t in season at the time, I would have loved to taste some at breakfast. The garden has the most wonderful aroma from all the herbs!

We are enjoying a glass of pino grigio in the garden and watching evening fall upon us. The sun begins to set and a couple of crickets are already chirping in the background. It’s funny how the sun sets so quickly, at 6.30pm it is still bright and an hour later, its pitch black! After our delicious wine, we go for a stroll to the the old town and later for some dinner. I have a blue silk shirt with a black maxi skirt and luscious red lipstick!




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